Why Galvanize?

COST - in many cases it is the lowest initial cost for a coating and often is the lowest life cycle cost. The galvanizers Association has a useful tool to compare the paint and galvanizing costs for your next project - click on the link : GAA Life cycle costing tool
THREE WAY PROTECTION SYSTEM - zinc barrier, the patina and cathodic protection. These all work to protect your steel against corrosion.

DESIGN - good design means better coatings...

The protection of your assets start with correct specification and design. The old adage measure twice and cut once is true in the galvanizing industry.


Are we capable...

With two plants, over 60,000tonnes per annum of dipping capability and in excess of 100 years worth of management experience, we would like to think we can take on most challenges in the protection of your assets.


We are not alone...

Nobody operates in a vacuum and we have some key associations that we work with.


Contact us...

There is no substitute for a chat on the phone. Hartway staff are happy to help with your technical and commercial enquiries, so give us a call.


Recent News

Hartway wins the Sorel Galvanizing award 2016

Hartway won the Australian National Sorel award for galvanizing at the recent Galvanizers Association of Australia's annual conference.  The win was due to an innovative use of durability standards to predict life spans and offer warranties to reduce the risk of the Aldi warehouse project in Perth, WA.

Australian Steel Institute winner

Hartway was the winner of the inaugural award for galvanizing services to the building industry at the recent National Australian Steel Institute awards ceremony. This was won through collaboration with all the parties involved in the construction of the "Ngoolark"

New Galvanized coating inspection course

Hartway has recently had three of its staff members become professionally qualified galvanized coating inspectors. Hartway is the only West Australian galvanizer to have staff with these qualifications.

New venting for handrails

The closure bends on handrails are often fraught with problems when it comes to venting hole location.  Many fabricators have had their handrails back with a second set of holes in the closure bends. Hartway has added some notes to its design drawing for handrails to help prevent this.  The new drawing can be seen here: Handrail Design Drawing.

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