Hartway wins the Sorel Galvanizing award 2016

The Sorel Award was primarily given for the innovative use of the recent standard AS2312 to predict coating life performance and lower the project risk. Galvanizing has a long, proven track record of performance in many environments and this helped Hartway to offer warranties for performance before a stick of steel was even fabricated.  

A secondary reason was for the inter-industry collaboration before and during this project. Working with industry partners from WA, Hartway was able to model the expected life span of the coating. The Australian Steel Insititute was a significant partner in this by showing that local content and knowledge could lower the risk of projects significantly. This lower risk translated into a better over-all cost of the project for all involved.

Galvanizing durability is easily assessed from the extensive data available.  It does not have the risk of applicator error associated with other coatings. If you need to reduce risk in your project, maybe a chat with a galvanizer will help you find a simple and effective solution...Galvanizing!