Hartway Galvanizers has a long line of silver blood. In 1908, Bernie Hart’s grandfather opened the first galvanizing plant in Western Australia, called SW Hart. 76 years later, with a few distractions into hot water systems, the family tradition encountered it’s next growth spurt: Bernie opened his own galvanizing business called Hartway Galvanisers in Sherman Street, Canning Vale, Perth, Western Australia.

In 1984, the business in Sherman Street started with seven men on the floor. The rudimentary setting was the place of hard work and amusing anecdotes.

7 years later, with the business doing well, another feather was added to the Hartway cap in the form of the centrifuge shop. The “spin” shop was commissioned in 1991. Another 8 years saw the next milestone in the growth of Hartway. The smaller 8.7m mainline kettle was replaced by the current 12.6m version. This opened up more opportunities for work and improved the capacity of the state. All this production expansion drove the need for more administration and sales space to support the expanding business and the new office block was built in 2001.

True to form, the next 7years was a build up to Hartway’s mammoth project of opening a new plant in Naval Base. This was opened in 2008 and more than doubled Hartway’s capacity to deliver quality galvanizing to the West Australian Market.