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There are many coating standards in Australia and the world. Some are client specific and others regional. Most of the hot dip galvanizing in Australia proceeds in line with the standard AS/NZ 4680:2006. There are other standards that are cited and a brief list of industry standards and what they are about is included below:

Hot dip batch galvanizing AS4680 HDG390 55 Post-fabrication coating
HDG500 70
HDG600 85
Hot dip galvanized sheet AS1397 Z350 20 PGI sheet
Z450 25
Electrogalvanized tube AS4750 ZE100 14 Patio tube
ZE300 42
In-line hot dip galvanized open sections AS4791 cold formed lintels
In-line hot dipped hollow sections AS4792 ZB100 14 Ptube
ZB140 20
ZB300 42
Mechanical plating AS5056 25
Electroplated coatings AS1897 25


  1. AS/NZ 4680 – This is the governing standard for all Hot dip galvanizing on FABRICATED ferrous articles. There is 1998 and 2006. The 2006 is the most recent one and supercedes all others. This is batched and involves a STATIC immersion in a molten zinc bath. There are other galvanizing standards that relate to specialized and or continuous processes and these are: AS4534 – galvanized wire, AS4791 – inline process on open sections, AS4792 – continuous or specialized process for coating hollow sections – this relates to the pre-galvanized RHS and CHS sections commonly seen. AS 1397 is for sheet and strip products.
  2. AS/NZ 1650 – this is a very old Australian galvanizing standard and is superceded by the AS4680:2006.
  3. AS 2312 – this is an informative standard that offers advice on various corrosive environments in Australia and the coatings that are available and relevant to these environments.
  4. AS 1627 – this is a standard that deals with the preparation and pretreatment of surfaces. The relevant sections are : Part 1- removal of oil, grease and related contamination. Part 5 – Pickling of steel.
  5. AS 4312 – this deals with corrosivity zones in Australia.
  6. AS 3750 – this is for painting steel structures. The relevant section for galvanizing is section 9 and is the application of organic zinc-rich primers to steel. The galvanizing standard notes this standard as a way to determine suitable paints for the repair of galvanizing – sections A5 and B5.
  7. AS 3894.3 – determination of dry film thickness.
  8. AS 1214 – Hot dip galvanizing on metric coarse threaded fasteners.

There are many more and the Galvanizers Association Of Australia has a section on this. Please click the link to go to the GAA site : GAA site.