Refurbished steel pitted surfa

The two pictures show a good example of the before and after pictures of an older piece of steel that has been rusting away. The pickling process “eats” away the rust leaving a very pitted surface of clean steel. The zinc alloy then forms on the surface and follows the contours of the base steel. There is nothing wrong with this from a galvanizing point of view: obviously you may need to assess it from a structural strength point of view. ┬áSometimes the top layer of rust can conceal how badly pitted the surface actually is – the pickling bath reveals this when the rust gets dissolved off – this is particularly common on old boat trailers being re-furbished. Your galvanizer may ask you to blast such rusted items as they take a very long time to pickle (acid clean) in the process and as we all know – time is money!

pitted rust dimples rough old corroded

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