Hartway has recently had three of its staff members become professionally qualified galvanized coating inspectors. Hartway is the only West Australian galvanizer to have staff with these qualifications.

The Australian Corrosion Association launched a new professional development course to qualify people to inspect galvanizing. Hartway has three staff members qualified under this new system and is the only West Australian galvanizing company that has staff with these qualifications.

The course was held all over Australia.  The last course for 2016 was held in Perth and boasted a record 17 attendees for such courses.  The course gives a technical understanding of the coating process and the criteria to inspect the coating by. It is a must for any professional coating inspector to have in order to inspect galvanizing.

Hartway had three staff members take the course. They were Shane Hunt, Wilson Hiong and Mihai Benea.

With this level of professional experience, Hartway is a good partner to have in your corner for the next project. Give them a call to find how Hartway can help you to protect your next steel project.